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UV Light Gifts for the Mom who Lights up your World!

UV Light Gifts for the Mom who Lights up your World!

Mother's Day is coming up May 14th and UV Can Sanitize is excited to offer a free ORCHID UV-C Box and/or Valentine's Edition INDIGO UV-C Box to any and all moms! To receive your discount and confirm your eligibility, contact Hurry while stocks last!




  • Buying for a mom
  • Biological & adoptive moms
  • Step-moms
  • Grandmas
  • Expecting moms
  • Foster moms
  • Mom figures... and more!


    Not sure if you're eligible? Just let us know and contact You deserve it!


    Indigo UV-C Box is perfect for the mom in your life who loves travel since it's is an awesome travel buddy! UVC LEDs help reduce germs on her phone, mask, wallet, passport, and more.

    Product Image of Indigo UV-C Box

    No need to worry about the UV lights shattering in her luggage. Indigo’s cutting-edge UVC LED technology is way more durable than glass UV lamps. Not to mention it’s USB plug-in powered, lightweight, and portable as well. Power cord and adaptor can easily be stored inside Indigo when not in use.

    Help mom get ready for the vacation she deserves.


    Orchid UV-C Box is perfect for moms with newborns this Mother’s Day! 👶 Its heating function keeps diapers, small towels, baby clothes and blankets warm and cozy.

    Product Image of Orchid UV-C BoxOrchid uses UV-C light as a chemical-free way to reduce germs on exposed surfaces! Reducing these germs which cause odor helps to keep linens fresh as well.

    At 5L, Orchid will fit a bunch of small items at a time! UV-C light will hit the exposed surfaces of pacifiers, bottle bottles, toys, and even mom’s phone and makeup.


    To receive your discount and confirm your eligibility, contact

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