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U.S. to open border to fully vaccinated travellers starting Nov. 8

The United States is set to reopen its borders to fully vaccinated travellers by air, land or passenger ferry starting Nov. 8.

CBC News - October 15, 2021


LightFair exhibitors to feature UV-C disinfection solutions

To demonstrate the practical application of UV-C technology as a surface disinfectant, LightFair will sanitize exhibit hall surfaces each evening with disinfectant lighting as an extension of its “Safer Floor. Safer Show” protocols.

LEDs Magazine - October 5, 2021


Students go back to school with high performance virus protection systems manufactured in New England.

Highville Charter School and Change Academy outfits facilities with germicidal, UV air purifiers to protect against coronavirus.

EinPresswire - October 5, 2021


Specific UV light wavelength could offer low-cost, safe way to curb COVID-19 spread

A specific wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) light is not only extremely effective at killing the virus which causes COVID-19, but is also safer for use in public spaces, finds new CU Boulder research.

Phys.org - October 4, 2021


“Stop The Spread: Improve IAQ Using UV Air Disinfection” Webinar

Learn how ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) fits into your overall IAQ strategy to protect building occupants – now and in the future.

Facility Executive Magazine - October 1, 2021


FDA In Brief: FDA Warns Consumers of Risk of Exposure to Unsafe Levels of Radiation with Safe-T-Lite UV WAND

“The FDA is warning consumers that using the Safe-T-Lite UV WAND, a handheld ultraviolet-C (UV-C) germicidal wand intended for sanitization, may put you or a nearby person at risk of exposure to unsafe levels of UV-C radiation, and may cause injury to the skin, eyes or both after just a few seconds of exposure.

FDA in Brief - September 29, 2021


What to know about air purifiers for asthma

Air purifiers filter particles in the air, such as dust or smoke, and circulate clean air back into the room. People with asthma may find these devices help reduce indoor asthma triggers.

Medical News Today - September 29, 2021


Using air filtration to remove airborne SARS-CoV-2 and other microbial aerosols in COVID wards

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) RNA has been detected in air samples of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) wards, depicting airborne dissemination of the virus.

News Medical - September 24, 2021


Schools Use Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Funds on Proven UV-C Lighting Technology

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--INVZBL, a technology company specializing in UV-C disinfection products designed in the United States, offers public, private and charter schools the opportunity to spend Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (or ESSER III) funds on proven technology solutions to keep students safe this school year.

Businesswire - September 22, 2021


Manassas City Public Schools Partners with UBTECH to Protect Students and Staff with ADIBOT Sanitizing Robots

UBTECH, the global leader in robotics, today announces a partnership with Manassas City Public Schools in Virginia to keep its students and staff safe and healthy throughout the 2021 - 2022 school year.

Business Wire - September 21, 2021


What COVID-19 precautions are being taken on voting day?

Election Canada's focus on masking, ventilation and distancing cuts risk of transmission, expert says

 CBC News - September 19, 2021


With school back in session, parents and teachers decry classrooms 'bursting at the seams'

COVID-19 continues to exacerbate concerns about overcrowded classrooms

CBC News - September 15, 2021


Days after schools open, COVID-19 outbreaks force many across Canada to close

Just days into the new school year, COVID-19 outbreaks have closed schools across Canada – prompting concerns about how the rest of the school year will proceed.

 Global News - September 13, 2021


Toronto Public Health says it is investigating 23 schools due to COVID-19

'Public health investigations' underway and not unusual in 1st week of school, TPH says

 CBC News - September 13, 2021


The efforts to improve indoor air quality for students

As Canada enters a fourth wave of COVID-19, work is underway to improve air quality in schools and help keep students safe by doing everything from upgrading ventilation systems to bringing in portable air filters.

CBC News, Youtube - August 11, 2021


UVC disinfection technology: Why an industry standard must be set

Following the surge in demand for ultraviolet (UV) disinfection equipment during the pandemic, the International Ultraviolet Association discusses the rise of commercial UVC products and the need to establish clear industry standards.

Health Europa - July 2, 2021


Overview of Safety and Efficacy of UV-C Devices for Inactivation of the Novel Coronavirus

People want to learn more about ultraviolet light and its beneficial use in controlling COVID-19 and other viruses. To use a worn but accurate cliché: “This is a rapidly evolving area of research.”

UV Solutions Magazine - June 11, 2021


Coronavirus is airborne so stop disinfecting everything: expert

UBC professor says improving ventilation should be a focus of COVID-19 prevention

CBC News - May 14, 2021


UVC light could neutralize toxic chemical found in common disinfectants

Hundreds of common disinfectants could be made safer for human use simply by adding light, a University of Waterloo study shows.

Kitchner Today - May 3, 2021


Quebec schools without air purifiers have 3 to 4 times more COVID-19 cases, says dad running citizen count

MONTREAL -- It's been about four months since Montreal schoolchildren began, unintentionally, to take part in what may end up being a huge naturally occurring science experiment: how well air purifiers work.

CTV News - April 23, 2021


Experts find more evidence COVID-19 is airborne, that we need to rethink indoor spaces

The authors of a new paper that found increasingly concrete evidence that COVID-19 is “predominantly” airborne say that we need to be focusing on preventing infections in indoor settings, and rethinking how ventilation systems either help spread or dissipate the virus.

Global News - April 17, 2021



An overview of ultraviolet light advancements & the technology’s future

Water & Wastes Digest - February 23, 2021


Germicidal robots featured on 'Grey's Anatomy' make their home at Fraser Health

VANCOUVER -- A fleet of TV-star robots has joined the Fraser Health team to help combat COVID-19.

CTV News - December 6, 2020


Hygiene Theater Is a Huge Waste of Time

People are power scrubbing their way to a false sense of security.

The Atlantic - July 27, 2020


Decontamination System to Up Research on Space Station

The decontamination system was designed with crew members' safety in mind by using high-power, ultraviolet, light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs) to sanitize surfaces inside the MSG.

NASA - June 13, 2014

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