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Tips for Preventing Cold and Flu

Tips for Preventing Cold and Flu


Find yourself getting a cold or flu too often?

Something that is efficient and time savvy is washing your hands! Germs are able to survive for up to three hours on your hands, and when you do not wash your hands, germs transfer to the drinks or foods you eat, leading to a greater risk of sickness. Research has shown that by washing your hands you reduce getting colds or other illnesses by 21%!

While many common infections spread through germs and touching surfaces, there are still airborne bacteria and viruses that need special steps to prevent their spread. This is where we can help! You may be wondering, does UV even help with the prevention of colds or flus? Let us inform you that yes, it does! Eating your greens and getting the right amount of exercise can help of course, but there’s nothing but benefits in investing in our products that can give some extra protection.

Research has shown that UV easily kills any airborne virus and with the rise of the pandemic, there is no better time to consider purchasing our effective and easy to use UVC and HEPA air purifiers. We recommend the Cosmos series or the Tulip 2. These air purifiers not only prevent the discomfort and inconvenience of colds or flus, but you’ll find that they can also reduce other health threatening risks like bacterial particles, mold and even allergic reactions.

The Cosmos Wall Mount is great for those with a house full of kids, pets or both. If you have kids who go to school, they often come in contact with viruses and bacteria, similar to working in an office as well. Investing in the Cosmos Wall Mount is the right move due to its highly effective disinfection rate of 35,300 ft³ per hour. This means it can get full coverage of a large to averaged-sized bedroom, office, and/or living room. The Cosmos Wall Mount uses the HEPA Filters and the UV to disinfect. 

If you’re looking to get full coverage over most small rooms in your home, our Tulip 2 is a great disinfecting device that uses a 4 in 1 air cleaning technology. This device is not only essential for killing flu and cold viruses but it is very discrete and portable, so you can place it on any shelf or counter in your house. You can have this device on at any time of day, especially night so you can rest knowing the space around you is clean and safe. 

Tulip 2 UV Air Purifier

 Cosmos Wall Mount UV Air Purifier

Tulip 2 is the best portable air purifier for your home or your desk in the office as it disinfects and purifiers the air at a rate of 2,472 to 3,885 ft³ per hour.

Cosmos Wall Mount disinfects at a rate of 35,300 ft³ per hour making it best for your large office space, boardroom, waiting room,  or reception area.


Our other products such as the UV sanitization lights like Monkshood are good for offices, workstations, washrooms, once they have been cleared of clutter and unoccupied. Our UV sanitization boxes like Orchid are great for phones, ear buds, and other delicate electronics that aren’t safe to clean with wet sprays or wipes.

Furthermore, don’t forget to frequently sanitize touched surfaces with chemical cleaners. Surfaces such as handles, doorknobs, light switches and counter tops. Disinfecting these things can kill many germs on their surfaces and reduce the spread of them. Don’t forget to wash your hands directly after cleaning to get those particles off your hands!

Remember to keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes, and nose and avoid close contact with people who are sick, so you don’t get infected as well. Moreover, make sure you also get the recommended vaccine or annual flu shot, take care of your overall health by exercising frequently and getting the correct nutrients in your diet. This means fruits and vegetables that contain healthy vitamins, and boost your immune system.

Spend time outdoors by going on walks, or participating in various other activities and getting fresh air. Additionally, make sure you hydrate by drinking lots of water, and also get a good amount of sleep as this also effects your immune system. Drinking water helps to wash down toxins from the body and keep mucus in the places it belongs. When sleeping, there are certain proteins called cytokines that are released in your body that help to fight infections.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear a mask in public and busy spaces, as this prevents the transmission of germs and diseases, and it gives an extra layer of protection. 

For further information about our various products, browse our selection here. Take action for your health and reduce how often you come in contact with the viruses and bacteria that cause flus and colds. Investing in our products not only gives you better air quality, but also a better life quality. Not sure which product to utilize or invest in? Get a free consultation with UV CAN’s industry experts about how to best incorporate UV into existing disinfection and sanitization routines. Either email info@uv-can.com with the subject line, “Free Consultation” to start booking a time or call our office at 604-423-5599.

Author: Sama Russel

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