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News Update | Partnership with Catoro Pets

News Update | Partnership with Catoro Pets


We’re proud to announce our new partnership with another local business, Catoro Cat Café + Pet Supplies! You can now purchase our Tulip Air Purifier and filters from their location in Vancouver or from their online store at www.catoropets.com.

Photo of UV Can Sanitize Tulip Air Purifier at Catoro Cafe

We at UV CAN and Catoro are both excited to introduce Tulip to their high-quality, sleek, and modern product lineup!

Purchasing from Catoro goes towards helping them care for and find loving homes for rescued cats! All their cats are available for adoption.

Photo of Catoro Cafe storefront in Vancouver, BC

Catoro also provides a much needed space for city dwellers to spend time with cats to improve their mental state and wellness. Not only do Catoro’s visitors enjoy some animal companionship, but they also help these rescued cats to destress and become socialized.

Photo of orange cat with UV Can Sanitize Tulip Air Purifier at Catoro Cafe

The staff at Catoro tried out Tulip in their cat café and loved the difference it made in freshening the air. We are proud that Tulip Air Purifier is doing its part to noticeably improve and freshen the air for staff, visitors, and cats alike there.

Not only will Tulip help out with odours and allergens, it adds an extra layer of protection against pathogens and smoke in the air to benefit pet parents and their family. 

Logo co-branding with UV Can Sanitize and Catoro Cafe

Tulip and its replacement filter are now available for purchase either at their brick-and-mortar location in Vancouver, BC, or from their online store at www.catoropets.com.

If you have any questions about our Tulip Air Purifier, or how and where to buy it, feel free to email info@uv-can.com.

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