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Far UV 222nm Safe Hand Sanitizer Station

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UV Can’s Far UV Safe Hand Sanitizer Station is perfect for any public setting including schools, offices, retail etc. Its motion sensor activates the Far UV light as soon as you put your hands in the opening. You can customize the amount of time for auto shut-off. First put in one side of your hands for 3-5 seconds, then the other side for 3-5 seconds with fingers spread to eliminate shadowed areas.
Certifications for Far UV Hand Sanitizer Station

*Please note: WARNING – According to the Photobiological Safety Test IEC/EN62471, humans should not be exposed to 222nm ultraviolet radiation over 22mJ in a day. The time humans can be exposed to 222nm is related to the power of light and distance to the light source. Read the label and any operating manual before using.


    • Ultra high purity quartz glass bulbs provide optimized 222 nm wavelength UV-C disinfection
    • Motion sensor activation
    • Customize time for auto shut-off


    Now you can sanitize using 222nm Far UV-C even in occupied indoor spaces, providing an unprecedented level of confidence to the people that matter most.

    Conventional UV-C lights (254nm mercury lamps or 260-280nm LEDs) are limited in that they can only be used safely in unoccupied spaces or completely contained with no leakage.

    Far UV cannot penetrate the active layer of human skin and is adsorbed by the top layer of dead skin cells. The eyes’ tear layer works to block Far UV, protecting them. This means that Far UV can disinfect air and surfaces even while people are present.

    Note that hand sanitizers produce harmful irritants to the skin, eyes and lungs. Installing a Far UV 222nm Safe Hand Sanitizer Station in your facility provides you with an efficient way to disinfect hands from bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.


    Food processing




    Hospitals & Clinics

     Other Commercial Spaces



    Parameter Info
    Dimensions (mm)
    500*237*1381 mm
    Net Weight 21.45kg
    Far UVC 222nm
    Effective UV Intensity
    6500µ W/cm2 (0 cm)
    Input Voltage DC24V
    Disinfection Time 3-5s
    Center Irradiation 1200µ W/cm2
    Ambient Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C
    Expected Lifespan +4000hr
    Safety Requirement Mercury-Free
    Storage Environment Dry and ventilated
    Beam Angle 100°
    Optional Function Motion Sensor and Timer Module

    High purity quartz glass

    Aluminum Alloy

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