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Far UV 222nm Safe Gateway

Far UV 222nm Safe Gateway

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UV Can’s Far UV Safe Gateway uses a total of 12 Far UV lamps to safely disinfect anything passing through. Walk into the gateway and stand with hands up and arms bended at the elbow. This eliminates shadowed areas and allows the Far UV light to disinfect the body in line of sight. Pause for 5 seconds, slowly turn around 180 degrees, pause for another 5 seconds, and walk out. The lamps will be disinfecting the air passing through the gateway as well.
Certifications for Far UV Gateway

*Please note: WARNING – According to the Photobiological Safety Test IEC/EN62471, humans should not be exposed to 222nm ultraviolet radiation over 22mJ in a day. The time humans can be exposed to 222nm is related to the power of light and distance to the light source. Read the label and any operating manual before using.


    • 12 ultra high purity quartz glass 20W bulbs provides optimized 222 nm wavelength UV-C disinfection. (5 on each side, 2 on top, a total of 12)
    • No ozone production from UV lamps
    • Remote operation: Easy to use remote control
    • LCD display screen to customize settings
    • Displays how many hours are left before needing to replace the lamp
    • The individual will walk into the Gate Way, and stand in the Gate Way with hands up and arms bended from elbow to allow light shine under arm and all of the body and arms. Pause for 5 seconds, slowly turn around 180 degrees pause for another 5 seconds and walk out.
    • These lamps will be disinfecting the surrounding air at the same time.


    Now you can sanitize using 222nm Far UV-C even in occupied indoor spaces, providing an unprecedented level of confidence to the people that matter most.

    Conventional UV-C lights (254nm mercury lamps or 260-280nm LEDs) are limited in that they can only be used safely in unoccupied spaces or completely contained with no leakage.

    Far UV cannot penetrate the active layer of human skin and is adsorbed by the top layer of dead skin cells. The eyes’ tear layer works to block Far UV, protecting them. This means that Far UV can disinfect air and surfaces even while people are present.

    Note that chemical cleaning disinfects surfaces only when they are wet. In the process those chemicals also produce harmful irritants to the skin, eyes and lungs. In addition, focusing on surface cleaning alone ignores one very important fact. COVID-19 is airborne and can stay in the air for up to 5 hours. Installing a Far UV 222nm Safe Gateway in your facility provides you with an efficient way to disinfect the air and surfaces from bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.


    Food processing




    Hospitals & Clinics

     Other Commercial Spaces



    Parameter Info
    Dimensions (mm)
    Net Weight 76.85 kg
    280W (20W * 12PCS)
    Far UVC 222nm
    Effective UV Intensity
    2000µ W/cm2 (0 cm)
    Input Voltage DC24V
    Voltage AC100V - 240V (with AC/DC Adapter)
    Ambient Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C
    Safety Requirement Mercury-Free
    Storage Environment Dry and ventilated
    Beam Angle 60°
    Expected Lifespan 4000+ hours
    Optional Function Body sensor module; Timer; LCD screen

    Iron Sheet with silver gray spray paint

    High purity quartz glass

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